Kelly Hall, IOM


Longview (TX) Chamber

“Have you wondered WHY TRC? I did for about 15 years and finally a few years ago decided to get serious about looking at WHY. Our board unanimously voted to give a YGM TRC a try. Our first campaign was in 2011 and what a success! YGM TRC is changing our business model and I can’t believe I waited so long. I’d be happy to visit with you from a peer perspective on why YOUR CHAMBER needs to take a serious look at a YGM TRC. WHY NOT?”

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Joyce Waugh, CCE, IOM

Even during COVID-19 and a supportive board with concerns, we more than double previous years’ sponsorship total. We’re now positioned for a strong 2021 and the opportunity to turn our...

Dana Wooten

The YGM TRC is a strategic process for a larger reach and opportunity in spreading the message and mission work of the Chamber. As we initiated the YGM TRC and...

Danielle Fitz-Hugh

We increased our non-dues revenue nearly 300% from last year and more than doubled our annual average of sponsorships from the last six years. All of this success is even...
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