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How to start your executive search

Our partnership begins with a focused, strategic assessment so we can gain a deep understanding of the dynamics of your organization and community. This allows us to develop a fully customized CEO executive search process which is in complete alignment with your organization’s needs, opportunities, and priorities. 

Your President & CEO must be more than professionally qualified. They must be the right cultural fit for your organization and community. 

YGM believes in presenting a diverse slate of candidates. We look at more than only gender and ethnicity. We look for diversity of thought, geography, and experience.

  • Proven Process

    We offer a proven step-by-step process to ensure your search committee focuses on the critical interviews and YGM manages the administrative tasks from beginning to end.

  • Data-Driven Research

    We conduct in-depth research, which includes a key stakeholder survey and interview process, mining our extensive database of connections, reaching out to proven and new talent, and utilizing our vast network to build a strong candidate pool. 

  • Professional Connections

    The benefit of working with a chamber CEO search firm like YGM is we have strong relationships with professionals who may not be actively seeking a career change but trust in our ability to align their skills and goals with our clients’ needs – and they trust us.

  • Guided Vetting

    Once we have developed a strong, diverse candidate pool, we rank them extensively against your criteria and present to you the top candidates. We prepare the interviews, execute all background checks, handle all the logistics and then lastly, your committee chooses the final candidate. 

YGM’s Critical Competitive Distinctions

reputation (1)


YGM has a strong and positive reputation within the chamber industry. Our positive reputation is based on ethics, discretion, honesty, and proven success.


History of Success

Having completed 25+ executive searches, we are very proud of our track record in finding and securing the ideal candidates for our executive search clients. 

Process (1)

Thorough Process

You can anticipate an executive search process including extensive market and candidate research, a multi-layered vetting of candidates, effective outreach reaching talented professionals not currently job-seeking, and a customized decision-making process that works best for your search committee.



YGM’s network within the chamber and nonprofit industries across the United States is vast. We have worked with thousands of chambers and non-profit/association professionals. Our relationships are strong and diverse.



Combined, the YGM leadership team has over fifty years of experience working in or around chambers of commerce. Having served as chamber executives for multiple chambers, we serve as faculty for the U.S. Chamber’s Institute of Organization Management and are sought after thought leaders in the chamber industry.

Options (1)

Customized &
Budget Friendly Options

We realize executive searches are usually unplanned. In addition to a full turnkey search, we also offer modified and customized searches based on your organization’s needs and budgets.

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"The Greater Macon Chamber (GA) engaged Anissa Starnes, with YGM, as our search consultant for our recent President/CEO search. Anissa helped our committee through all the expected steps of the process. One would expect a good search consultant to perform these functions and Anissa did so professionally and more than competently. There are two areas, though, where Anissa particularly stood out in the search. First, she invested the time and effort to understand our community, our chamber, and the politics and personalities of our leadership and partners. Secondly, Anissa kept a level, cool head as the inevitable politics of a high-profile search played out during the process. She demonstrated tremendous professionalism and determination in keeping our committee focused on those things that were important while helping us to give less time to distractions along the way. We would certainly use her again – though I sincerely hope it will be years before we need her help again! "

Robert F. Hatcher, Jr.
Chair, Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce (GA) CEO Search Committee 2022

Benham Anna Headshot

"Anissa and YGM came to us with an impressive track record, high recommendations, and the experience that we lacked as a committee. We voted to hire her after interviewing three other firms. We felt that her individualized attention to our needs was Important. We also appreciated her calm demeanor and her experience in the chamber world, specifically. She did most of the work for us! She spent a great deal of time learning about OUR organization; what we needed; what we had and liked or didn’t like; what we wanted to replicate or never repeat again. She focused on learning how to think like us. If you are looking for a C-suite search, Anissa and YGM is by far the best, brightest, most efficient, and most cost-effective partner you will find. "

Anna Behnam
Past Chair, Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce (MD)

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