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When partnering with YGM, your Chamber staff will work intently with the YGM team. We are your go-to Chamber partner.

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Letter from the President & CEO

I remember being a chamber CEO, looking for something to jump start our chamber. YGM was the answer I needed, and YGM can be the answer you need.

We approach chambers from a holistic viewpoint. They are called Total Resource Campaigns for a reason. We are concerned with the totality of your chamber resources. We want to help strengthen all of your chamber, not just one area. Through a YGM TRC, you will secure your annual sponsorship funding in weeks thanks to volunteer support.

I know this is possible because when I was a chamber exec, the program worked for me. And as the CEO of YGM, I've seen it help countless chambers - big and small - find their next great thing through a YGM TRC.

What is your chamber dream? A new employee? Holding the next great business development event? Providing your members with training seminars? A YGM TRC can help you achieve those dreams.

Let us walk you through the process and unlock your potential.

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Jason E. Ebey, IOM

President & CEO
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Anissa Starnes, IOM

Chief Impact Officer
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