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YGM stands for “You Get More”. Our You Get More Blog is designed to give you just that - more information on sponsorship trends, Chamber professional development, non-dues revenue, and many more Chamber-centric topics.

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Volunteers = A Chamber Secret Weapon

One of the fundamental differences between a Total Resource Campaign (TRC) and a staff-driven sponsorship drive is the use of volunteers in a TRC. Through the years, we have experienced an assortment of reactions when chamber professionals are told how many volunteers they will need to successfully enact a TRC....
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Motivated Volunteers Rule TRCs

Do your Vice Chairs or Team Captains ever ask what type of people make the best volunteers? As expected, we have tips of all sorts, but sometimes the best tip is to remind your Vice Chairs and Team Captains that anyone with a wide range of business contacts can succeed...
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Who is the Best TRC Chair for your Campaign?

If you have ever conducted a Total Resource Campaign, you know that in many ways, they become synonymous with their chairs. When I begin to discuss a TRC with a Chamber and to strategize for it, thinking of who would be an ideal chair is one of the first things...
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Appreciate Your Volunteers on Valentine’s Day

As I spent some time this weekend thinking about Valentine’s Day, I was reminded of a post I wrote a couple years ago about showing love for our volunteers – at Valentine’s and throughout the years. When I went back and read the post again, I found that all of the...
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Get Creative with your Team Motivation

We talk a lot about how important team motivation is with our volunteers, both during the Total Resource Campaign and following the campaign. But it can be challenging to find ways to motivate those volunteers. Finding creative ways can be even more challenging. Even if it sounds cheesy - or...
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Make Volunteers Feel Valued

Your Chamber staff and volunteers have completed your Total Resource Campaign (TRC) or sponsorship campaign and are pleased with the results. Thank you letters have been sent, making your volunteers feel valued. Now What? After you’ve taken a moment to thank your staff for all of their hard work, you...
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6 Ways to Re-energize Volunteers

In the life of a sponsorship campaign, there are natural peaks and valleys. Most campaigns start off strong, but some experience a lull around the mid-point. The key to a successful campaign is how chambers handle that mid-point lull and how they re-energize volunteers. 1. Keep in Contact Maintaining close...
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Show Some Volunteer Love this Valentine’s Day

This is Valentine’s Day weekend. I’m not stating anything overly obvious, as I’m sure everyone has had a florist or two drop by the office today with deliveries of flowers or chocolates. Or if you happen to be stuck in an airport, I’m sure you’ve watched more than one fellow...
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