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YGM stands for “You Get More”. Our You Get More Blog is designed to give you just that - more information on sponsorship trends, Chamber professional development, non-dues revenue, and many more Chamber-centric topics.

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Leadership Development

Increase Your Employee Retention

The pandemic has changed our world in so many ways, and it has forever changed our workplaces. It is now an employee market. We are experiencing the “great re-evaluation” where employees are jumping to new jobs. People are re-evaluating their priorities and purpose. Chambers of Commerce are not immune to...
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Elevate Women in Leadership

Approximately 50% of the workforce is comprised of women and more women are serving in leadership roles than in the past. Although there is much work to be done and progress to be made, progress is occurring. Chambers and organizations can do much to elevate women in leadership by providing...
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Are Your Leadership Programs Relevant or Outdated?

Organizational leaders have been navigating uncertain times for over a year, and many changes have occurred at an accelerated pace. As a result, leaders need to evaluate their abilities, preferences, and perspectives to continue to successfully lead their organizations through this new era of uncertainty and constant flux. Chamber of...
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TRC Talks: A Year In Review

As we work with chambers across the country, one of the things we tell chamber professionals is to try new things. Do not be tied to the way you have always done things, and we hold to that at YGM as well. “It’s been a full year at ‘TRC Talks’...
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