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YGM stands for “You Get More”. Our You Get More Blog is designed to give you just that - more information on sponsorship trends, Chamber professional development, non-dues revenue, and many more Chamber-centric topics.

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Five Key Tips for Showing Volunteers Appreciation

Nonprofits, at their core, are made up of volunteers who give their time, energy, and resources to help others. These volunteers are the lifeblood of our organizations, and they deserve your gratitude and appreciation.  But how can you show your volunteers how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication?...
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Title Sways Perception

Choosing the perfect title for the leader of your chamber is a daunting task. If I had $100 for every time someone asked me my option on the perfect title, I would be lounging on a beach somewhere enjoying my retirement. When it comes to chamber executive leadership titles, there...
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Increase Your Employee Retention

The pandemic has changed our world in so many ways, and it has forever changed our workplaces. It is now an employee market. We are experiencing the “great re-evaluation” where employees are jumping to new jobs. People are re-evaluating their priorities and purpose. Chambers of Commerce are not immune to...
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Top 5 Reasons I Chose YGM

I never dreamed I would be part of The Great Resignation, a.k.a. the Big Quit, which is a current trend in which employees voluntarily resign from their jobs. Yet in January, I did just that. I resigned from a position most people agreed was the “perfect” fit for me. Someone...
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There is Always Time for Goal Setting

Do you make resolutions every January? Do you keep them? Do you sniff your nose at the silly people who make ‘resolutions’ but do the exact same thing with ‘goals?’ Goal setting is useful at any point in the year. It’s common for people – and businesses – to set...
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Set & Achieve Your Sponsorship Goals

It’s January, and one thing is certain. Your emails and social feeds are filled with information and suggestions regarding goals.It’s a new year, and it’s only natural to think about your hopes and plans for the year. We do it every year in the chamber world. Budgets are planned. Strategic...
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TRC Talks: A Year In Review

As we work with chambers across the country, one of the things we tell chamber professionals is to try new things. Do not be tied to the way you have always done things, and we hold to that at YGM as well. “It’s been a full year at ‘TRC Talks’...
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A Secret Shopper Shares Customer Service Tips

As chamber professionals, you are in your member business establishments routinely. But have you ever wondered what impressions those businesses make on their customers when the employees don’t know those customers personally? In retail, customer service is a valuable tool. Our November ‘TRC Talks’ guest, Alysia A. Cook, PCED, IOM,...
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How Sweet Are Your Sponsorships?

As soon as October hits our calendars, it seems like everyone begins the discussions of pumpkin spice and sweaters. While the season of changing colors is my favorite time of year, thoughts of falling leaves and crackling fires quickly fade to the sound of four children begging for new costumes...
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‘I Am the Chamber’ Initiative Makes Waves

Sometimes the best way to encourage support of your chamber or organization is not to encourage support of the organization itself but of its members. That’s the idea one chamber takes each year for Support Your Local Chamber Day with their 'I Am the Chamber' initiative. The Greater Vidalia Chamber...
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