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YGM stands for “You Get More”. Our You Get More Blog is designed to give you just that - more information on sponsorship trends, Chamber professional development, non-dues revenue, and many more Chamber-centric topics.

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Psychology Drives Sponsorships

How you think about your chamber member businesses and their life cycles can make a difference in their responses to you when you speak with them about sponsorships. It is vital that you understand a bit of psychology and their needs before you speak with them about how sponsorships with...
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Plant Seeds of Business Growth in Your Community

The “chamber field” is ready for a lot of planting right now in order to have solid business growth later. Businesses are exhausted, fatigued, confused, wondering, questioning, unsure…and the list goes on. They’re looking to us, as Chamber professionals, to make sense of it all. If you actively spend time...
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How Will You ‘Reset’ Your Chamber?

Have you found yourself wanting "things" to be the way it was pre-pandemic or perhaps you are tired of the mixed emotions you are still experiencing? Well, you are not alone!   Recently, I was listening to a message about being intentional post-Covid and that we must allow ourselves to grieve and...
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Sponsorship Successes Celebrated

Chamber professionals are known for adhering to a strict “R&D” operating procedure. If you don’t know R&D, you are either outside of the chamber world or brand new. “Rip Off & Duplicate” is one of the best ways to gather new sponsorship ideas for your chamber. Another way to gain...
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Are Your Events Truly Hybrid? It’s More Than Just Adding a Camera

As we have navigated 2020, virtual events have become almost second nature. In looking toward 2021 with the hope that we will find ourselves in a world where in-person events and programs are safer and more easily conducted, we still need to consider virtual and hybrid options and how to...
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Strategic Reviews of 2020

It’s been a year since we all began to experience the Covid-19 pandemic in personal ways. We talked about ‘expecting the unexpected’ and about how to ‘pivot’ (one of our favorite words for 2020) and how to continue to serve your members and communities in the midst of what felt...
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Strategic Thinking: Networking

In these early months in 2021, we are focusing on strategic thinking. That’s right – strategic thinking, not just strategic planning - though they go hand in hand. You have to be thinking strategically in order to do the important work of the planning for your chamber or organization. All...
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Strategic Thinking Leads Strategic Planning

Strategic planning and strategic thinking are not the same things. Having the same meetings year after year and carrying over the same plans with minor tweaks is often ineffective for a chamber and frustrating for chamber staff. It doesn’t take long in the chamber world to realize that strategic planning,...
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2020 Gave Us the Unexpected & What We Learned

As we look to the new year (with great relief to let 2020 go and great hope for 2021), we know that we cannot fully prepare for the new without pausing to take stock of the old. Without a doubt, 2020 was the Year of the Unexpected. I doubt any...
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Approach this holiday season with new perspective

Did you put your Christmas decorations up the day after Halloween? It seems like a lot of people are ignoring their usual holiday traditions this year and jumping into Christmas because that season just tends to lend itself to joy. And if 2020 is in need of anything, it is...
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