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YGM stands for “You Get More”. Our You Get More Blog is designed to give you just that - more information on sponsorship trends, Chamber professional development, non-dues revenue, and many more Chamber-centric topics.

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3 Ways a TRC Changes the Way Chambers View Sponsorships

Total Resource Campaigns (TRCs) change the way chambers view sponsorships in three key ways. If you were to jot down the number of sponsors your chamber currently has, what percentage of your members would be on that list? For most chambers, that number would most likely be less than 50...
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YGM Partners with Chambers

There are changes going on here at YGM Total Resource Campaigns. We have a new look to our website, and we are making some updates to how we provide our clients with the materials used throughout each TRC. What hasn't changed is our dedication to leading chambers around the country...
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