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Jason E. Ebey, IOM

There are changes going on here at YGM Total Resource Campaigns. We have a new look to our website, and we are making some updates to how we provide our clients with the materials used throughout each TRC.

What hasn’t changed is our dedication to leading chambers around the country to their most successful sponsorship campaigns to date.

YGM was founded upon the idea that personal service was important, and we continue to base our work ethic around that idea today. Part of what sets YGM apart is that chamber representatives know us individually, and we know them. We work together as a team in order to make their campaigns successful.

We don’t simply hand clients a packet of materials along with some suggestions as to how to proceed.

We provide:

  • training geared toward each chamber’s needs,
  • volunteer coaching, expert advice,
  • materials taken from our proven method, and
  • access to our unique Online System.

More importantly, we are available to each chamber throughout the process. Whenever there is a question, we are never more than a telephone call, text, or email away.

Each time a chamber we partner with succeeds, we succeed. At YGM, we are a team, working together for your success.

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