Leap Year… Make that Extra Day Count


Jason E. Ebey, IOM

Additional minutes – 1,440 of them, to be exact. Twenty-four additional hours. At midnight on Monday, you will receive additional time. This year is Leap Year, and on Monday, you do get an additional day.

You get more.

The question is: what will you do with that extra time?

Will you work as usual? Will you implement a new procedure at work? Decide to get out of the office and finally make those membership calls? Volunteer as part of the #LeapOfKindnessDay movement? What will you do with your extra day? If you have been given more, do more with it.

You Get More

The second most asked question I receive from Chamber professionals is “what does YGM stand for?” YGM = You Get More. When the founder of YGM, Joyce Powell-Johnson, began this business on her own nearly 20 years ago, she made it her mission to ensure chambers were in a position to be as successful as possible in their Total Resource Campaigns, as well as in their future endeavors.

Today, YGM continues to build on that foundational philosophy.

Chambers Get More

YGM encounters chambers when they are looking for ways to involve volunteers more, when they are looking for ways to shake things up in their fundraising, and when they need new opportunities to bond staff together.

Chambers bring us into their organization, and through a Total Resource Campaign, we give a chamber an avenue to engage volunteers, a fresh way of approaching fundraising, and a new look at staff involvement. In many ways, that is only the beginning.

With a TRC, we give chambers more.

We give them more:

  • Ideas
  • Confidence
  • Sponsorships
  • New Members
  • Coaching
  • Individual Attention


Just like you will gain extra time on Leap Day, a TRC can give a chamber extra time – time to put toward doing other things. Instead of staff spending time going from event to event “chasing dollars,” those dollars are secured during the TRC.

Chambers are able to thank sponsors with greater “pomp and circumstance” before having to rush on to the next event, thus building sponsor loyalty.

That boost in time can be redirected toward strategic planning with staff, visiting with members, or an endless array of other worthwhile endeavors.

Personal Attention

One of the key components of the YGM approach is personal contact. We are comfortable telling this to clients over and over because it isn’t something we just tell them to do. It is something we do ourselves.

At YGM, personal contact is something we pride ourselves on. We keep in close contact with each client throughout the TRC process. By walking clients through the TRC, we give them the knowledge they will need to make the TRC their own and to be able to make it their own for future years.

We train each chamber’s staff in how they can execute this program to be a viable, sustainable non-dues revenue generation program that increases year-after-year.

When it comes to personal assistance and attention, our clients get more.

Leap Day

I’m not sure what you’ll do with your Leap Day on Monday, but I’m going to be working to make sure our clients continue to get more.

YGM… You Get More.

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Leap Year… Make that Extra Day Count

Additional minutes – 1,440 of them, to be exact. Twenty-four additional hours. At midnight on Monday, you will receive additional time. This year is Leap Year, and on Monday, you...

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