Earth Day Community Opportunities


Jason E. Ebey, IOM

We are always thinking about ways that our clients can make a difference for their members and their communities. We love it when we have ideas that allow chambers to do both at once. Earth Day on April 22 allows chambers so many opportunities to think creatively about ways to bring members and communities together for the betterment of the planet. It’s really a win-win for everyone.

One of the easiest ways for chambers to get involved with Earth Day is to sponsor a Shred Day. So many businesses – especially small businesses – only have access to small, personal-type shredders. If your chamber office doesn’t already have or lease a large, industrial shredder, rent one for the day or the week and advertise the event. 

Have all of your members bring in their shredding and allow them to have it done for free. Take photos and promote your member businesses on your social media platforms with Earth Day hashtags. 

This is also a good opportunity to work with local ‘big box’ businesses in town. Consider partnering with a shredding company by having them bring their industrial shredder to your location for use during your shred day. Or work with a business such as Best Buy to hold an e-recycle day to recycle used electronics such as fax machines or older electronics local businesses no longer use in their daily activities.

Buy either seeds or small sapplings (depending on the size of your chamber and your budget). Invite your member businesses to send a representative to your offices to pick up either packs of seeds or a small tree/plant and take it back to their office area and plant it. Reforestation can take many forms, and adding plants on Earth Day is a wonderful way to start. Encourage them to take photos of their staff doing the planting and watering and to post those on their social media and to take your chamber with your chosen Earth Day hashtags.

Clean-up Days are great ways to get people together and having fun while also accomplishing a lot for a community. Select areas of your community that need a bit of refreshing and ask member businesses to allow employees to volunteer a few hours on Earth Day to clean up those areas. Have chamber reps drop by those areas with snacks and drinks for volunteers. As always… photos and hashtags!

With all of these ideas, as you share photos on social media, include statistics about Earth Day and why caring for our environment matters. Be sure to tag your member businesses and the individuals in your posts. They and their friends will see and share the posts, thus increasing your visibility. 

With just a little planning, you can take Earth Day and make it special for your members and your community. And help the earth in the process!

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